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We Have An Agenda

This song is by Mechanical Cabaret and appears on the album We Have An Agenda (2002).

Cross unsuitable subjects off a list
Erase all irrelevant information
No detail must be missed
Answer the questions: A, B or C
Question one complete
Now move on to questions two and three

Girls and boys don't want to play
How many people can I have today?
Don't think this doesn't mean you
There's no escape whatever you do

Do they fulfil all the criteria?
Are they qualified?
Or is there room for improvement here?
Everything must be correct and in perfect order
Anything less is unacceptable
And compromise leads to failure

Some see this behaviour as selfish and paranoid
That complicated manipulative techniques
Should not be employed
But if you know what you want
Then you can get what you want
What's wrong with a bit of analysation
And some persuasion of the population?

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