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This song is by Mechanical Cabaret and appears on the album We Have An Agenda (2002).

I taste like polypropylene
A silicon face with a plastic sheen
I'm a carbonized robot
A synthesis of what is not
The food I eat is electric blue
I only drink sci-fi pink C02
I communicate via binary
I never sleep and I don't have dreams

Are you a user?
Are you being used?
Are you a user?
Are you being used?
Are you the abuser
Or are you the abused?
Are you a user?

I was contrived from a tube of cum
A flick of the wrist next generation
The Internet shows me how to behave
I downloaded my life but forgot to press save!

Sterilized, immunized, willingly hypnotized
Kill yourself with a virtual gun
And then your death, too
Can be pointless and numb

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