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Runnin Wild

This song is by Mc Lado Girr and appears on the album One Hiv Patient At A Time (2006).


I went to the mall the other day...
We went to the food court...
These bitches were running wild!
They're were running like a lion, chasing through
They were running crazy
The ground was vibrating
They had jizz all over there face

A herd of FAT girls are gonna tackel you.
They're coming for the food court
You better run.
Watch your legs and feet
Watch your head and arms
Watch yourtoes and ears
Grab your food and run
Better take that shit to go

So don't go to the restaurants
On a Sunday, on a Sunday night
Cause that when all the fats chicks take all the food
There's a buffet till Monday morning

So take it out to go, car side to go
So take it out to go...
Go to the applebees
Out to GO...
Don't you dare go to the mall
Or else your dead
Fat chicks take it all
They take all the food

They take all the food... (repeat)
Take all the food
No more food
They're running wild
They're chasing after the food

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