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Pee Wees Playhouse

This song is by Mc Lado Girr and appears on the album One Hiv Patient At A Time (2006).

Hey guys welcome to pee wees playhouse Whoa!
Pee wee herman is a fagget!
He had sex with bob saget!
This is crack cocaine the worst and most dangerous on the black market! pee wee hermnan your retarted!
GO JERK OFF IN A MOVIE THEATRE, heanilsdalsndol!

Balls, I play with my balls in local restaurants!
Touch that little plants little balls, and they don't grow at all.
I don't have any pubic hair, and I dress like a homo sexual...
My name is pee wee herman, I have a pee wee pee pee

I go all the way around the world for a little bicyle...
I am 55 and I live in a playhouse
And I play with my balls in the movie theatre, I sound like kermit the frog, I look like a fuckin' wart hog, what the fuck is wrong with my voice, I like little boys... and I like to stick things up my butt in the movie theatre... This is crack cocaine its dagerous of them all...

My name is pee wee herman, I live in a playhouse and I wear make up and look like a homo sexual...
You touched that plants balls, and htere not there at alll... alll whoa!

My name is pee wee herman, sound like ashley herman
Spermin herman whoa!


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