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This song is by mc chris and appears on the album Dungeon Master of Ceremonies (2006) and on the album mc chris Goes to Hell (2010).

Man: Ranch dressing. Thank you, thank you sir, you are... thank you... very kind.
Man: You are MC Chris.
MC Chris Uh no.
Man: I got all your cassette tapes.
MC Chris: I... I'm not MC chris he's dead.
Man: MC Chris I got all your cassette tapes.
MC Chris: I never put out cassette tapes and he's dead.
Man: I got here... I got... I got this song.
MC Chris: And uh I can't.
Man: I got this song idea for you
MC Chris: I'm in a hurry
Man: I got this song.
MC Chris: I gotta.
Man: It's about.
MC Chris: Uh I just gotta.
Man: It's about babys.
MC Chris: I'm act... I'm actually in a hurry.
Man: Called smackababy.
MC Chris: It's a very interesting title.
Man: hang on.
MC Chris: I'm in a hurry I just...
Man: Hang on hang on.
MC Chris: ok.
Man: Hold tight sir I need to get in tune.
MC Chris: All right is this going to take a long...
Man: Close enough close enough.
MC Chris: Ok good all right.
*Guitar begins playing *
Smack... smackababy, smackababy make me go crazy
Smackababy you cry and I die smackababy, smackababy
You cry... you cry and I you s... you, you look like...
You sound like a little cocker spaniel
Gon taste of my smack Daniel
Smackababy, smackababy...
*Guitar still playing*
MC Chris: *interrupting*is that it? is that it? That was great.
Man: Thank you God bless you sir.
MC Chris: I love it that was amazing very impressed.
Man: God bless you.
MC Chris: Here's some change.
Man: God bless you MC Chris.
MC Chris: I'm not MC Chris he's dead

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