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Right On Time

This song is by Maze and appears on the album We Are One (1983).

How can they know the way it goes
And the things you feel inside
You are the one that gets it done
And your conscience is your guide
Don't you let them waste your time
You should know what's on your mind
It's what you feel that makes it real
And that cannot be denied

I wanna talk to you

It's up to you, the things you do
No matter, right or wrong
You're gonna find things take time
You just got to be strong
First you might not succeed
That's alright, that's what you need
If it should be, you will see
That your day will come along

Keep it up, keep it up
You've got a lot going
Give it to me, give it to me
Keep it up, keep it up
It's part of you growing
Whatever it will be, it will be

Right on time
Right on time...

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