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"In Part"

This song is by May Blitz and appears on the album The 2nd of May (1971).

Perpetual winter ice and pain, I sleep and drink though it's in vain
Frozen castles chill my heart and quiet at those oft to stay
The sun stirs up memories shiver in my mind
And love is waiting for the spring a comfort is so hard to find
But the spring come it must to melt this icy shroud
The ice pack's got this soul so tight that it seems in doubt
With satanic strength determined I do frustrate my plea
Doctor is an angel somewhere coming soon to set me free, set me free

If she come what can she do to rescue me from Satan's grasp
Can she cut the night that thoughts of gruelling winters clasp
Imagination plays cruel tricks when the soul is all alone
Amid big peaks of bitterness has unfortunately grown
To surmise at the well of danger, she doesn't wish to come
Because she's quite content to dance and doubt what she becomes
I think me independent now since her eyes were hard
Healed scars caused by the soul whispering the art in hearts

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