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Will Get Fooled Again

This song is by Max Tundra and appears on the album Parallax Error Beheads You (2008).

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I found the girl on Google Image Search
She was in the background of a picture of a church
I knew if we should get along as we were able
I shouldn't really bring her to the seder table

I found the girl on eBay
She was bidding on "Halfway To A Threeway"
I wrote the words "a grain of sand" upon a grain of rice
She baked a pie of very shy laboratory mice

I found the girl on MySpace
In her profile thre was my face
I went into a corner shop and bought myself an edge
Another shiny vector to add to my cortege

I found the girl on Friendster
Where her taste in cinema defends her
She rescued me from vagary and indecision
By telling me our future was the new religion

Then I found you


Written by:

Ben Jacobs

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