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You Talk Too Loud

This song is by MaxNormal.TV and appears on the album Songs From the Mall (2001).

I go for a walk in the garden
And come back smelling all pretty
And I can see you feeling shitty, so I'm like,
What's wrong man? I don't mind if you tell me, just,
Stop following me around trying to smell me.
The garden's down there, yeah, go smell for yourself,
This is some secondhand smell, you're digging.

You-talk too loud in the movies, would you please be a little bit-considerate?

You've had a bit too much to think
Something's on the blink,
Plus you got way too many dirty dishes in the sink.
That's unhygienic man, you gonna get cockroaches
And cockroaches always lead to more cockroaches, ye,
You need fumigation
Or some hard core in-depth self-investigation, nuh-
Don't say it man, just do it,
While I curl up in this warm fluid.

Look again;
Something's looking at me through your eyeballs,
And that certain little something might go bloooom
If you let it, but only if you let it.
Don't forget it, like
Ma, I need a towel
"You let your kids use new towels around the pool?"
"That towel new? Not a chance, but here's what fooled you - 'Surf'"
You mean? Surf brought out the colours like this?
Hmm sure, just look what it has done for the rest of my wash
But surely, this is new?
No, surf again
"Super blue Surf, puts your brightness on the line"

There was this girl that I fell in love with
That I used to have a whole lot of fun with
We used to get up to all sorts of crazy stuff
But... I started digging her way too much
She freaked my chest in the worst way
When she gave me sex for the first time on my birthday
...And boned some other cat a few days later;
So for a while I was like... I fucking hate her.
But yo we cool now.
She's in love with a good friend of mine,
Everything chills out in time.
But I always seem to fall in love with things I can't get,
Maybe it's 'cause I don't know how to love properly yet.
Always seem to fall in love with things I can't get.
Hmm... Yeah it's like that...


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