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Stay at Home

This song is by MaxNormal.TV and appears on the album Songs From the Mall (2001).

Stupid little clay pidgeon,
Treating hiphop like a religion,
Yo- get out my kitchen.

Your mom's callin you,
She needs a foot massage.
Exit my program,
Or face the toe jam.

Yo man, why'd you come here in the first place huh?
This meal ticket's meant for kids who dig it when we kick it.

Jealousy makes you ugly,
So go away man,
You scaring my kids.

Next time somebody tells you we're performing somewhere,
Just stay at home. (You weak little fools)
Next time you see our poster up on the wall,
Just stay at home. (You weak little fools)
Next time the guy on the radio advertises our shows,
Just stay at home. (You weak little fools)
You softcore wanna be hard mothafucka,
Just stay at home.

(It would appear that you weak little fools greatly underestimated how powerful I am!)
You know what I'm saying?

Haha, is everybody feeling all right? Yeah,
Tonight is a special night,
It's Watkin Tudor Jones on the mic,
You wanna fight? I'm the guy to speak to
But I don't have to beat you, to defeat you,
I'm just like, "Damn, thanks for sharing that with us man.
Now, everybody give 'em a hand, don't you think that was brave?
To just step to the stage? And express all that inner rage,
In front of a bunch of total strangers? Whoo! Don't you feel better?"
I was really feelin' you my friend,
Like those sad movies where everyone cries at the end.

But on a lighter note...
You wanna hear this other rhyme I wrote?
Yeah? ...Well here we go...

Well it's your favorite Earthling, flirting with disaster once again
Steady chillin' amidst all the hustle and the bustle with a smile on my dial
Like I just got paid, and everyone's smilin' back at me like they just got laid
Don't you snot nose, idiots, standin there with this shit on your pants,
Lookin' at me like I just stole your sucker, better go run tell your mother,
Or more like, here's the mic, you wanna flipit? Psych!

(I am the first assassin.
The second assassin.
The third assassin.
I am the fourth assassin.)

Your feet are bigger than your flip flops
Flip flops
Flip flops
Your feet are bigger than your flip flops
Flip flops
Flip flops

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