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Punch My Teeth Out

This song is by MaxNormal.TV and appears on the album Songs From the Mall (2001).

What the?! Good grief it has begun!
Let's take this baby to the maximum.

(But sir, we won't be able to keep up.)

Ye, tough cookie. I've got a job to do;
Eat my dust rookie.
I'm primed for mass appeal.
Enhance my force field.
Now, catch my feel.
72,000 nerves of steel start tingling as the real deal gets revealed.
Bring on the glory,
Decipher these mystery hooks
Your kids'll be reading about our story in the history books.
My homeopathic shit'll outlive these pharmaceutical
Slanging evangelist faking it all bright and beautiful.
There's something special
Surging through this vessel.
Baby you know I'm dooown
If you wanna wrestle. Yo-
Let's get physical,
Here comes the truth:
When I step out the booth *huh*
I'm bulletproof!

If I bite my tongue, ya don't see me freak out and punch my teeth out.

I got wet on the way to breakfast but you don't hear me complaining.
No it wasn't raining the lagoon was just choppy.
Yeah Papi.
Things are looking up, no one can stop me from hooking up these kids with the soul food that I've been cooking up for a long time now.
I know that somehow they're gonna find out about my get-everything-I-(muttering:)*fucking*-want-machine.
You do not want to be in front of me
When my gravity overrides my mass and I implode
Unless you incredibly ready to let go.
The spaghetti effect will divorce your head from your toes.
Stay off my lawn.
Word is born, I'm on top form.
If I can't please you, I'll freeze you
And take you back to Max Normal's saw mill
And make you war dogs go Meeeooowww like a buncha frozen pussies-
I'll give you the mic now, stop being so pushy.
South Africa's expert quality hip-hop products keep growing strong,
When I could hang out in this tree the whole day long
So keep hunting
For that special little something
Instead of hunting that plastic "rap."
All that fronting is stunting your expansion.
I'll chill in my emerald mansion
And charge my ring with my lantern
In the brightest day,
In the blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.

(Chorus x3, then)

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