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Mall Radio

This song is by MaxNormal.TV and appears on the album Songs From the Mall (2001).

Hey all you friendly shoppers, you're listening to the Neverneverman on Mall Radio, yeah!
Now just to let ya know, we got a cah-razy special goin' on up in Green zone 28 at the moment,
That's right, I'm talking about the brand new M78 playground enhancers,
Going for a ridiculous... Hehe, let me keep you waiting in suspense for a second.
Ok, that's enough, haha here it comes, check it out, those M78s are going for a mere 3 and a half thousand creds,
Now I mean, come on, that's like nothing man, so get your butts up to green zone 28. Yeah!
But anyway, back to the music.
Here's a little something extraordinary, just for you. It's everyone's favorite mall=rockers,
Max Normal, coming at you, back to back to back, and so on, for the next like, hour or so,
So hey, I know, I know, just when you thought it couldn't get much better than this,
Yo, bring the noize boys...

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