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Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks (2007)Edit

Mavado - Gangsta for Life- The Symphony of David Brooks
Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks
  1. Parental Advisory
  2. Angriest Introduction
  3. Real McKoy with a Full Clip (featuring Busy Signal)
  4. Weh Dem a Do
  5. A Father's Prayer
  6. They Fear Me
  7. Definition of a Gangster
  8. Dreaming
  9. Don't Cry
  10. Cassava Piece Radio
  11. Dying (featuring Serani)
  12. David's Interlude
  13. Top Shotta Nah Miss
  14. Joey D. Ratt
  15. Last Night
  16. A Snitch's Eulogy
  17. Amazing Grace
  18. Touch di Road
  19. Me and My Dogs
  20. APB
  21. Gully Side
  22. Squeeze Breast
  23. Heart Beat (featuring Alaine)
  24. Sadness
  25. Born & Raised

Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow (2009)Edit

Mavado - Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow
Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow
  1. David's Psalm (featuring Dudley Excell and Neil Edwards)
  2. Every Situation
  3. On the Rock
  4. So Blessed
  5. So Special
  6. Life of a G
  7. Welcome to the Armagedeon (featuring Dudley Excell)
  8. Gangster Don't Play
  9. Real Killer (No Chorus)
  10. Chiney K
  11. Jailhouse
  12. Don't Worry
  13. Money Changer
  14. Money
  15. In di Car Back
  16. Which Gal
  17. Overcome

Songs featuring MavadoEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A So You Move
  2. Action Pak
  3. All Dem a Talk
  4. Amazin' Grace
  5. At the Top
  6. Baby Girl
  7. Bawl Dem a Bawl
  8. Brown Bottle
  9. Caa Bad Mi Up
  10. Chat Too Much (Beenie Diss)
  11. Chat Too Much
  12. Dem a Fag
  13. Every Gyal
  14. Force It Up
  15. Gangsta Nuh Play
  16. Guns Out
  17. Hennessey
  18. I'm on the Rock (Jehovah Guide Me)
  19. I'm So Special
  20. Informer Palmer
  21. Inna Di Car Back
  22. It Aint Easy Being Me
  23. Jah Is Coming Soon
  24. Last of the Real
  25. Mafia Music 3
  26. Mafia Music III
  27. Mi an Mi Dogs
  28. Mind How You Dis
  29. Mind How Yu Dis Mi
  30. My League
  31. Neva Believe U
  32. New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer (Vybz Kartel Diss)
  33. New Name for Informer
  34. Nuh Bleach Wid Cream (Day Break Riddim)
  35. Nuh Fraid a Dem
  36. Nuh War Wid Knife
  37. On the Rock (Remix)
  38. On Top of My Game
  39. One by One
  40. Pepa
  41. Pon Di Ting
  42. Progress
  43. Real Killa (No Chorus)
  44. Real Mckoy
  45. Set Me Free
  46. Settle Down
  47. Slow Singing
  48. Songwriter
  49. Starbwoy
  50. Starlight
  51. Survivor
  52. Touch the Road
  53. We're on Fire
  54. Weh Dem Do

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