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Walkin' My Baby Back Home

This song is by Maurice Chevalier and appears on the compilation Top Hits of the 1930's (2008).

I've an agreeable baby
Likes everything that I do
Dances most every night
Movies are her delight
I sort of go for them, too
But when movies and dances are gone
That's when I have real fun

Gee, it's great after being out late
Walking my baby back home
Arm in arm, over meadow and farm
Walking my baby back home

We go along harmonizing a song
Or I'm reciting a poem
Owls go by and they give me the eye
Walking my baby back home

We stop for awhile, she gives me a smile
And snuggles her head to my chest
We start in to pet, and that's when I get
Her talcum all over my vest

After I kind of straighten my tie
She has to borrow my comb
One kiss then, I continue again
Walking my baby back home

Oh, oui, oui, it's delightful for me
Walking my baby back home
I can't use every word I will choose
I'll tell you when we're alone

Oh, yes, yes, when we stop for a rest
I chug-a-lug to my own
By this time, I assure you that I'm
Just like a king on a throne

And then comes the fun, her shoe gets undone
Oh, yes, I start tying it, then
Sometimes, I'll admit, I linger a bit
She makes me start walking again

Then we stroll till my heel and my sole
Feel like they're down to the bone
Oh, she's sweet, but it's bad on my feet
Walking my baby back home

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