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Album by Matthew Sweet.
  1. Divine Intervention
  2. I've Been Waiting
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Looking At The Sun
  5. Winona
  6. Evangeline
  7. Day For Night
  8. Thought I Knew You
  9. You Don't Love Me
  10. I Wanted To Tell You
  11. Don't Go
  12. Your Sweet Voice
  13. Does She Talk?
  14. Holy War
  15. Nothing Lasts
Bonus tracks on 2006 Legacy Edition:
  1. Good Friend (demo)
  2. Superdeformed (demo)
  3. Teenage Female (demo)
Bonus Disc "Goodfriend" included with 2006 Legacy Edition:
  1. Divine Intervention (acoustic)
  2. Girlfriend
  3. Day For Night (live)
  4. Thought I Knew You (live)
  5. Looking At The Sun (acoustic)
  6. Does She Talk? (live)
  7. You Don't Love Me (live)
  8. Someone To Pull The Trigger
  9. I've Been Waiting (live)
  10. Winona (acoustic)
  11. Girlfriend (live)
  12. Cortez The Killer (live)
  13. Isolation (live)


Produced by
  • Fred Maher
  • Matthew Sweet
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