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This song is by Matthew Ryan and appears on the album Guilty (1997).

The wind bends weaker trees
Its weight alone should crush you and me
This mission only knows how to grieve
While the blind hide behind what they don't see

But I've been sleepwalking, baby
Yeah, I've been sleepwalking, baby
I've been asleep and walking

Comfort is only what you hold
You think you're warm but you're so cold
Spit on the young, bite the old
A gift ain't a gift at all if it's always shown

So I'll be sleepwalking, baby
Yeah, I'll be sleepwalking, baby
Will you sleepwalk with me?

A terminal case of dread
A Phillips screw and a flat head
It's going over inside my head
God blesses the drunks and the living dead

So I'll keep sleepwalking, baby
Yeah, I'll keep sleepwalking, baby
Will you sleepwalk with me?


Written by:

Matthew Ryan

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