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This song is by Matthew Good Band.

An unmade bed
The unfinished book lies half-read
Underneath the chain-light
Staring into space
A secret from some other place
And now what kind of insight
Below the picture of your mother in the wing
There are records in the corner
Where she taught you how to sing

Bye bye bluebird
Bye bye my bluebird

And in your head
These are not the only words
There were promises of continents
And other things I heard
As we stoned the bird
We stood there for a long time
Hoping it would rise
Waiting for it to fly again
One by one we all turned away
Off to kill the grass
Where the others came to play

Bye bye bluebird
Bye bye my bluebird

If it was at all easy
To get your attention
I would be the King of Hell
And you my henchman
Somewhere in all these flames
We would seek the open sky
Assassins by trade
Twisting in the blade
Murdering the lullaby

I've been thinking about it
Maybe I'll fly away
My oh my now

Written by:

Matthew Good

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