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Live album by Matthew Good.

Side 1

  1. Champions of Nothing
  2. A Single Explosion
  3. Odette
  4. Weapon
  5. The Devil's in Your Details
  6. Hello Time Bomb (Matthew Good Band)
  7. Born Losers
  8. Load Me Up (Matthew Good Band)
  9. Put Out Your Lights
  10. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
  11. Black Helicopter
  12. I'm a Window

Side 2

  1. 99% of Us Is Failure
  2. Apparitions (Matthew Good Band)
  3. Giant (Matthew Good Band)
  4. Avalanche
  5. She's in It for the Money
  6. Everything Is Automatic (Matthew Good Band)
  7. Strange Days (acoustic, Matthew Good Band)
  8. True Love Will Find You in the End (acoustic Daniel Johnston cover)

Album Notes

This album was recorded live on May 29th, 2008 at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario. It is Good's first ever live release as well as the final album subject to his contract with Universal Records.


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