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Joe's In Trouble

This song is by Matthew Good.

He got a phone call at 4 A.M.
The lights were dim
It's begging him not to hang up

You gotta help me get outta here
The voice was clearly full of fear
They won't let me give up

They're saying I hurt her
I told her not to move
Why did she move
Why did she have to scream
You gotta help, me I'm your brother
I can turn to no other
And I know you'll believe me

"Joe you gotta calm down
You gotta tell me what happened
Where's Sheryl, Joe?
Put Sheryl on the phone"

She won't move
She can't hear me
She's in the bedroom
I keep calling her
But she never comes

You know I want her to love me
But she said that she's leaving
She said "I-- I--"
Forget it I gotta go, they're coming you know
And they won't let me give up

Whether the receiver fell dead
Or a lie Joe dreamed in his head
She said "I-- I--"

No it's not far to go
To make him glad to know
That this is where he'd draw the line
It's kinda funny but
I feel fine, I feel fine
I feel fine, I feel fine
I feel fine

Or at least I did the last time
That he ever really
Thought about me

Written by:

Matthew Good

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