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Break In the Rhythm

This song is by Matthew Good.

Goodbye my old friend
The silent word lost in the end
Think it fast and just pretend
It's a break in the rhythm

And just a colour for how I feel
You need a wound for it to heal
A quick shuffle and the dark appeal
Of a break in the rhythm
In the rhythm

So happy to be here
Drowning in your sorrow
If there is any bad news, baby
It can wait until tomorrow

Too late to set you free
You are too deep inside of me
Like two worlds in harmony
Like a break in the rhythm

And how I feel is like a child in a foreign place
Far too alone, far too alone
To face the fear that I have to face
And how I feel is like a burning sun behind clouds of grey
Far too alone, too far away
To say the words I need you to hear me say

My love, she flew away
But I talked to her yesterday
And the only thing I heard her say was
I love you

Goodbye to mystery, you know
I can't live with what I can't be
Why is it so hard for everyone to see
There's been a break in the rhythm
A break in the rhythm

Crying now
Crying now, baby


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