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​Bet You Don't!!!

This song is by Matthew Friedberger and appears on the album Winter Women (2006).

Charity never bargains if at all
Something of Tartary silk
Or finest scarlet?
He'll have 'em both!
Or haven't you heard?
Or what would you think?
I've got a broken and contrite heart
And wouldn't you know it
I'm weary with my groaning
And each night I rain down
On my bed, soak my couch with tears
Found yourself on the Malvern Hills
Penniless and starving
Puzzling out your dream
Betcha Don't manage
To take your own advice
I've got a contrary and useless disposition
And feel it all slipping away from me
E'en like as a dream when you are awake
As you make their image
Vanish out of the city