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Means & Ends (2003)Edit

Means & Ends
Means & Ends
  1. Timeless
  2. Put Me Back Together (So Delicately)
  3. Sentimental Acumen
  4. The Beautiful Things That We Waste
  5. Morning Train
  6. Sleep in Peace
  7. The Business of Being Apart
  8. Anywhere Else But Here
  9. Every Mistake
  10. Cinnamon Hearts

Story of Your Life (2004)Edit

Story of Your Life
Story of Your Life
  1. Little Love
  2. Tilt-A-Whirl
  3. Landline
  4. We're Gonna Play
  5. The Story of Your Life
  6. Sentimental Acumen

Sweet Nothing (2005)Edit

Sweet Nothing
Sweet Nothing
  1. Soft One
  2. Awful Dream
  3. The Plea
  4. Easy To Fall
  5. Like Lightning
  6. Morning Light
  7. Bad Side Hide
  8. Love / Death
  9. Make It Right
  10. Water From A Tap
  11. Untitled

Ghost Notes (Bonus Track Version) (2008)Edit

Ghost Notes (Bonus Track Version)
Ghost Notes (Bonus Track Version)
  1. Easily Bruised
  2. And You Give
  3. (I'm Gonna) Settle My Accounts With You
  4. You And Me
  5. Modern Woman
  6. One Little Piece Of My Love
  7. Where The River Bends
  8. Sleep Please Come To Me
  9. Somebody Sometime
  10. Our Voices
  11. Dust On My Collar (Bonus Track)

Side Notes (2009)Edit

Side Notes
Side Notes
  1. Can't Get Out Of Love
  2. Sirens In The Night
  3. Better Loving Spent Than Loving Saved
  4. Lavender Blue
  5. Easily Bruised (Home Demo)

True Believer (Bonus Track Version) (2010)Edit

True Believer (Bonus Track Version)
True Believer (Bonus Track Version)
  1. I Think You're Gonna Feel My Love
  2. Comeback Baby
  3. Revolution Of The Sun
  4. Got That Lonesome Feeling On My Mind
  5. The Little Things
  6. True Believer
  7. Insanity Or Death
  8. While Away
  9. Hawks On The Highway
  10. Suddenly
  11. Wasn't Born to Leave You (Bonus Track)

Matthew Barber (2011)Edit

Matthew Barber
Matthew Barber
  1. Keep It Alive
  2. Middle Of A Dream
  3. Ring Upon Your Finger
  4. Blue Forever
  5. Let Me Go Home
  6. Dust On My Collar
  7. Man In A Movie
  8. I Miss You When You're Gone
  9. Patch In Your Jeans
  10. Oh Lexi

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