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Let It Show

This song is by Matt Ryczek.

I can't put my finger on it baby
All I know is I want you to be my lady
Everyday and all the time from here (?)
All I'm asking is for you to be near me
And I could sit all evening and watch you sleeping
Hoping that it's me that you seeing
In your dreams
In your dreams at night
In your dreams at night, yeah
If you love me then why don't you just let it show
I think you do and everybody knows,
They know, oh, they know
Just like the Beatles say 'there's something in the way that she moves'
Man I'll do anything and everything to make you believe me
Give me an ocean to swim, a mountain to climb
So we can begin, ill prove my love to you over and over again
To get you in my life
To get you in my life
I know you love me so why don't you just let it show
Don't hesitate cause now's the time to go, to go, oh
To go, to go, to go, oh, oh, let's go

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