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​Garbage Man

This song is by Matt Roehr and appears on the album Hasta Un Cualquier Dia (2007).

My heart is always open
For your weird trivialities
I'm 24/7 on duty
My mission is never complete

Tell me your troubles
Call me anytime
Stray off the path
I put you back in line

Yes I am your garbageman
And I am digging in the dirt for you
Yes I am your backdoor man

I resolve your long lost causes too
Inside stories
Truth and rumours
Write it off
Everyone has good and bad days
And you never left one out

The graveyard of vanity
Is something you know all about
You always have to say
Something embarrassing
And that's what I can live without

Don't be apathetic
Gotta do it now
The clocks is running backwards
I'll help you throw it out

Everyone has good and bad days
Now you coming back