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Summer Is Coming

This song is by Matt Pond PA.

The summer is coming
We all should stand clear
Of the heat and high water
You don't see but you hear
The porch light gives off small lit circles
How you could see nothing

But you'll wake up in water
You know where you've been
You can turn the lights off, the day begins
All the warm refusals, blind assumptions
How this could be something

Cutting corners with their faces
You know better than to say it
All we are is friends
You know that all we are is friends
Good luck, yeah all we are is friends
I'll be happy right here to say that you win

The summer is on us, the handle is hers
Far out past the fences
And no more kind words
For the seasons swimmer, old beginners
No, this is not something


Written by:

Pond Matthew Morris

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