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​Counting Song

This song is by Matt Pond PA and appears on the EP Four Songs (2004).

Counting lines in the poplar
I got lost about the thousandth time
Begin again - don't let anything get your mind

Clinically distracted
Wondered how the light broke through
If it's more than numbers
Then on comes the thoughts of truth

The tiles in the floor
The amount of the teeth
I can count them with my tongue when I'm tired
Let's go to sleep one more time for desire
After enough days every idea disappears

I was lying on my back outside
Below the shade of poplar leaves
The moss, grass and brown needles of the evergreen

That was the last time I slipped
When I thought about the loss of green
One two three four five six seven eight

Don't try to stop me
I know what comes next
After nine I get to ten and then I'm off
Let's put it aside one last time for desire
After enough nights every thought will disappear

I got it
Now I'm off

Written by:

Matt Pond