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New Jerusalem

This song is by Matt Gilman.

I'm looking for a city not made by human hands
I'm longing for the garden where God once walked with man
For eternity is written on my heart and I'm longing for the day
We will never be apart

I looked and saw a city descending down from heaven
Prepared just like a bride for the Son of Man
And there's a day of gladness
It's written on his heart
He is longing for the day when we will never be apart

Every tear will be wiped away
There will be no sorrow hurt or pain, be no more night
Things will be made new
It will be a brand new day
In righteousness You will reign
And the Lamb will be the light

Behold the Tabernacle of God will be with men
And He will be our God and we will be His people
And the Bride she will marry the Lamb
But until that day
I'm longing for the New Jerusalem

I love the day of Your appearing
I want to hasten Your return
Spirit and the Bride say come for Your beloved ones

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