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Oh How We Fell

This song is by Matt Elliott and appears on the album The Broken Man (2011).

The sudden realization that not all is what it seems
Rises somehow exponentially
It turns from a cry into a wail
Then a scream and then a howl
An endless broken dull soliloquy

Pain can force the hand and turn the mind
The pictures taint the judgement every time
Then I turn around and see a wreck strewn on the road
The pictures and the pain you'll never know
The pictures and the pain that I was good enough
To keep from scarring you
Some things are meant for you and you alone

And so I add more fuel to the fire
And try to find an answer in the pyre
At first the flame's a comfort but the smoke gets in the eyes
There's only so much left that one can burn
And now I find I'm dancing 'round the ashes of the bridges that I've burned
I take nothing from the lessons that I've learned

And so the wheel relentlessly goes round
Just cuts the rut a little deeper down
This youthful smile has turned into a frown
The eyes forever down
The spark forever drowned

I'll sing as I go
I've learned well that it's best not to know
And I use up the last of what's left
In a vain effort just to forget

This anchor drags as it's pulled
It's disturbing the calm of the pool
I am lost in this mournful refrain
While re-analyzing this stain
This tainted wreck of lies again

And if what you said is true
I'm condemned to repeat till I'm through
Least until I can learn to forgive
Or learn simply not to relive

And this dream I could weep
So profoundly I finally could sleep
Undisturbed by the demons and shades
And this endless cycle of betrayal

Oh, how we fell

And how is one supposed to mourn if one is not entirely sure what has died
And if it's dead, and if it's dead, and if it's dead, and if it's dead, why can't I cry
And all the things you told me that you read upon my palm they were lies
Say that they were lies

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