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Kingdom Underground

This song is by Matt Duke and appears on the album Kingdom Underground (2008).

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Song of the Day
August 10, 2013
Reign o'er with your fiery crown
Sordid kingdom underground
All of the guilty, all of the proud
Fill your kingdom underground

Father, please
Why have you forsaken me?
Father, please
What could I have done to thee?

Sweet reprisal's on the bound
All your armies gather 'round
Fervent cheering from the crowd
As he snakes up through the ground

Father, please
Spare me your mercy and let me be
Father, please
I'll get mine - just you wait and see

I wait for the seventh day
Rest and dream of what you've made
Evil hides amidst the shade
Evil keeps for evil changes

Father, please
Set your precious children free
Woman, please
I can give you what you need
All of the answers that you seek
Just pick that fruit right off that tree

Serpent, please
My father has forsaken me
But now, honey, my child - you're free!
To wallow in a fiery sea
To forfeit all of your life to me
To idle where the damned abound
In my kingdom underground

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