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Fisher King

This song is by Matt Bennett and appears on the album Terminal Cases (2016).

Is it okay to miss her now, Jack?
I can't recall where we went off track
I love a Gershwin tune
How about you?

When she would talk about oncoming trains
Poison aspirin, Dairy Queens
Who knew what she means
Who knew what she means
I guess the choice wasn't up to me

I'm not one for confession
Maybe I'm here because
I felt I had to or because I felt cursed
I just love a fireside when a storm is due
How about you?

They say the worst thing in life is being with people
Who make you feel alone
Life's not always a picnic, Jack, you reap what you sow
How unfair it all seemed to only meet you in dreams
You were alive my whole life and I didn't even know
I didn't know

Goodnight Manhattan, goodnight Jack
Brush your teeth and don't forget to pack
I love New York in June
How about you?

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