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Toys Up

This song is by Matisse and appears on the album Toys Up (2007).

time to feel safe
in no arms
on a perfect and blue day
and a hard mother's slap

toys up!
toys up!

time to feel sane
in no shade
in a dusty dark room
and an uneasy nap

toys up!
toys up!

will you try to play
when they come our way?

Toys up!
on a cold day
watching mice disintegrate
toys up!
in my street
always like a fatal beat
and I want my toys up
saw them moving in the dark
and I don't know what to say
since that day…

toys up!
want to touch the sun
I never told you
toys up!
running in the sea
I really loved you
I could be one of them
my toys' poison
runs the adult zone.


  • Written by Matisse (band) Wikipedia16
  • Music: Greggy K - Vocal Melodies/Lyrics: Siafas
  • Produced by Aris Christou for SonyBMG Greece