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Weekends Away (2005)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Weekends Away

Weekends Away

  1. Weekends Away
  2. Sixteen and Pretty
  3. Love, Again
  4. When We Get Famous

Movie Ending Romance (2005)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance

Movie Ending Romance

  1. Movie Ending Romance
  2. White and Grey
  3. Graduation Day
  4. You're So Good to Me

Math and Physics Club (2006)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club

  1. Darling, Please Come Home
  2. I Know What I Want
  3. April Showers
  4. Holidays and Saturdays
  5. La La La Lisa
  6. Look at Us Now
  7. You'll Miss Me
  8. Cold As Minnesota
  9. Such a Simple Plan
  10. Last Dance

Baby I'm Yours (2007)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Baby I'm Yours

Baby I'm Yours

  1. Baby I'm Yours
  2. Nothing Really Happened
  3. In This Together
  4. Do You Keep a Diary?

I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do (2010)Edit

Math And Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

  1. Jimmy Had a Polaroid
  2. We Make a Pair
  3. Trying to Say I Love You
  4. Everybody Loves a Showtune
  5. Love or Loneliness
  6. Will You Still Love Me?
  7. I'll Tell You Anything
  8. The Internationale
  9. I've Been That Boy
  10. We're So DIY

Our Hearts Beat Out Loud (2013)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Our Hearts Beat Out Loud

Our Hearts Beat Out Loud

  1. We Won't Keep Secrets
  2. Tied to a Stone
  3. We're Not Lost
  4. Long Drag
  5. My Crooked Arms
  6. We Didn't Run from Anyone
  7. I Know It's Over
  8. Thank God I Met You
  9. That's What Love Is
  10. Road Carry Me Home

Lived Here Before (2018)Edit

Math And Physics Club - Lived Here Before

Lived Here Before

  1. Threadbare
  2. Marblemouth
  3. Broadcasting Waves
  4. The Pull of the Tides
  5. Like Cinnamon
  6. Falling for It
  7. Dear Madeline
  8. Take a Number
  9. Past and in Between
  10. All the Mains Are Down
  11. Drive to You

Other SongsEdit

  1. Everybody Lies

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Band members:
  • Charles Bert - vocals, guitar
  • Ethan Jones - bass, keyboards
  • James Werle - guitar
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