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Valerie Loves Me

This song is by Material Issue and appears on the album International Pop Overthrow (1991).

This song is available as a downloadable track for the video game Guitar Hero iOS.
Original video
Valerie's dancing, in the room above my bed you know
For all of the world below to see
Valerie's leaving, in a car outside my house you know
Its such a shame she's not with me and all the pretty things
And all the love my heart would bring
I would give my whole life to her

Valerie loves me

Valerie's riding, in a car around my neighborhood
She's thinking of all the men she'll meet
I could only hope for a stolen moment of her thoughts
Between the walk to the club and all the drinks she'll have
In a crowded room where everybody leaves too soon
I only hope that she remembers me

Valerie loves me

Valerie loves me

Valerie's lonely, in an apartment down the street you know
And her hair has turned so grey
But she's so happy, for the memories she has you know
She can believe in the day when love was on a string
And she could have that anything she ever wanted
But she cant have me

Valerie loves me

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