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West for Wishing (2003)Edit

Matchbook Romance - West For Wishing
West for Wishing
  1. 14 Balloons
  2. The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)
  3. Hollywood and Vine
  4. Farewell to Friends
  5. Save Yourself

Stories and Alibis (2003)Edit

Matchbook Romance - Stories And Alibis
Stories and Alibis
  1. Introduction
  2. Your Stories, My Alibis
  3. Playing for Keeps
  4. Promise
  5. Lovers & Liars
  6. Tiger Lily
  7. Shadows Like Statues
  8. My Eyes Burn
  9. She'll Never Understand
  10. If All Else Fails
  11. Stay Tonight
  12. The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)

Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack Split (2004)Edit

Various Artists - Matchbook Romance Motion City Soundtrack Split
Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack Split
  1. In Transit (For You)
  2. Playing for Keeps

Voices (2006)Edit

Matchbook Romance - Voices
  1. You Can Run, but We'll Find You
  2. Surrender
  3. My Mannequin Can Dance
  4. Goody, Like Two Shoes
  5. Monsters
  6. Say It Like You Mean It
  7. Portrait
  8. Singing Bridges (We All Fall)
  9. Fiction
  10. What a Sight
  11. I Wish You Were Here/Hidden Track

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sunday Warning
  2. When You're Around

Additional information

Years active:

1997 - 2007, 2014

Band members:
  • Ryan DePaolo - guitar/vocals
  • Andrew Jordan - vocals/guitar
  • Ryan Kienle - bass
  • Aaron Stern Wikipedia16 - drums
Related artists:
Record labels:

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