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Not to be confused with Mastedon.

Lifesblood (2001)Edit

Mastodon - Lifesblood
  1. Shadows that Move
  2. Welcoming War
  3. We Built this Come Death
  4. Hail to Fire
  5. Battle at Sea

Remission (2002)Edit

Mastodon - Remission
  1. Crusher Destroyer
  2. March of the Fire Ants
  3. Where Strides the Behemoth
  4. Workhorse
  5. Ol'e Nessie
  6. Burning Man
  7. Trainwreck
  8. Trampled Under Hoof
  9. Trilobite
  10. Mother Puncher
  11. Elephant Man
Bonus Track
  1. Emerald (Thin Lizzy's song cover)

Leviathan (2004)Edit

Mastodon - Leviathan
  1. Blood and Thunder (featuring Neil Fallon)
  2. I am Ahab
  3. Seabeast
  4. Ísland
  5. Iron Tusk
  6. Megalodon
  7. Naked Burn
  8. Aqua Dementia (featuring Scott Kelly)
  9. Hearts Alive
  10. Joseph Merrick

Call of the Mastodon (2006)Edit

Mastodon - Call Of The Mastodon
Call of the Mastodon
  1. Shadows that Move
  2. Welcoming War
  3. Thank You for This
  4. We Built this Come Death
  5. Hail to Fire
  6. Battle at Sea
  7. Deep Sea Creature
  8. Slick Leg
  9. Call of the Mastodon
Japan Bonus Track
  1. Where Strides the Behemoth (live)

Blood Mountain (2006)Edit

Mastodon - Blood Mountain
Blood Mountain
  1. The Wolf is Loose
  2. Crystal Skull (featuring Scott Kelly)
  3. Sleeping Giant
  4. Capillarian Crest
  5. Circle of Cysquatch
  6. Bladecatcher
  7. Colony of Birchmen (featuring Josh Homme)
  8. Hunters of the Sky
  9. Hand of Stone
  10. This Mortal Soil
  11. Siberian Divide (featuring Cedric Bixler-Zavala)
  12. Pendulous Skin (featuring Isaiah "Ikey" Owens)

Crack the Skye (2009)Edit

Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Crack the Skye
  1. Oblivion
  2. Divinations
  3. Quintessence
  4. The Czar (I. "Usurper" / II. "Escape" / III. "Martyr" / IV. "Spiral")
  5. Ghost of Karelia
  6. Crack the Skye (featuring Scott Kelly)
  7. The Last Baron
Japanese bonus track
  1. Just Got Paid (ZZ Top's song cover)

The Hunter (2011)Edit

Mastodon - The Hunter
The Hunter
  1. Black Tongue
  2. Curl of the Burl
  3. Blasteroid
  4. Stargasm
  5. Octopus Has No Friends
  6. All the Heavy Lifting
  7. The Hunter
  8. Dry Bone Valley
  9. Thickening
  10. Creature Lives
  11. Spectrelight
  12. Bedazzled Fingernails
  13. The Sparrow
Limited Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. The Ruiner
  2. Deathbound

Feistodon (2012)Edit

Feist & Mastodon - Feistodon
  1. A Commotion (Feist's song cover)

Once More 'Round the Sun (2014)Edit

Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
Once More 'Round the Sun
  1. Tread Lightly
  2. The Motherload
  3. High Road
  4. Once More 'Round the Sun
  5. Chimes at Midnight
  6. Asleep in the Deep
  7. Feast Your Eyes
  8. Aunt Lisa (featuring The Coathangers)
  9. Ember City
  10. Halloween
  11. Diamond in the Witch House (featuring Scott Kelly)

Emperor of Sand (2017)Edit

Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
Emperor of Sand
  1. Sultan's Curse
  2. Show Yourself
  3. Precious Stones
  4. Steambreather
  5. Roots Remain
  6. Word to the Wise
  7. Ancient Kingdom
  8. Clandestiny
  9. Andromeda (featuring Kevin Sharp of Venomous Concept)
  10. Scorpion Breath (featuring Scott Kelly)
  11. Jaguar God

Other ReleasesEdit

  1. Cut You Up with a Linoleum Knife from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack (2007)
  2. One (Is the Loneliest Number) from the game Army of Two Wikipedia16
  3. The Bit (cover of "The Bit" by Melvins) from We Reach: The Music Of The Melvins (2005)
  4. Just Got Paid from ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends (2011)

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  • Eric Saner – vocals (1999–2000)
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