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Far From The End Of The World

This song is by Masterplan and appears on the album Time To Be King (2010).

Long way to starlight,
Only a few on this flight
Magnetic dreamers of the way to somewhere
Close to a solar fire

Behind Venus, beyond Jupiter,
There's a planet for the future to explore
Such a magic place
To save the human race
Far from the end of the world!

Pulled into the darkness
I thought my life was over
But then I saw the crystal window
And my heart was ready to fly

I found a passageway deep in a black hole
A brand new galaxy of time for us to know
Through a different void outside of our creation
Lies the city of soul

From the belt of the Orion
I could see Earth dying
And through the cosmic wave
I felt its weightless pain
It was our destiny,
The chosen ones to be
Far from the end of the world!

We were close to the Gemini
When explosions shook the sky
I looked away to shield my eyes and hide the shame
Shaping the universe
Another sun gives birth
Far from the end of the world!

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