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The Masterboy Family (1991) Edit

Masterboy - The Masterboy Family
The Masterboy Family
  1. Dance To The Beat (Remix)
  2. Indian Grave
  3. Pump It Up
  4. Masterboy Theme
  5. Summer-Night
  6. I Need Your Love
  7. Shake It Up And Dance (Remix)
  8. Keep On Dancing
  9. Cause We Do It Again
  10. Twilight Zone
  11. Dance To The Beat (Rap Version)

Feeling Alright (1993) Edit

Masterboy - Feeling Alright
Feeling Alright
  1. Fall In Trance
  2. M.B.O.Y. (Give It Up)
  3. Feel My Life
  4. Hey, Hey, Hey (You Around Me)
  5. Where Are You Now Boy
  6. Reach Out - I'll Be There
  7. Fall In Trance (Organ Mix)
  8. Come On Come On (I Feel Inside Me)
  9. Cause We Do It Again ('93 Version)
  10. Masterboy Theme (The Second)
  11. Welcome To The Future Of Paradise
  12. Fall In Trance (Bass Bumpers Remix)
  13. Everybody Needs Somebody

Different Dreams (1994) Edit

Masterboy - Different Dreams
Different Dreams
  1. Waterfall (Intro)
  2. Different Dreams
  3. I Got To Give It Up
  4. Everybody Needs Somebody (Higher And Higher Remix)
  5. Is This The Love
  6. Masterboy Theme (The Third)
  7. And I Need You
  8. Feel The Heat Of The Night
  9. Do You Wanna Dance
  10. No Way Out (Outro)
  11. I Got To Give Up (Guitana Mix)
  12. Feel The Heat Of The Night (Shark Mix)

Generation Of Love (1995) Edit

Masterboy - Generation Of Love
Generation Of Love
  1. Intro
  2. Give Me Your Love
  3. Anybody (Moving On)
  4. Baby Let It Be
  5. Land Of Dreaming
  6. Masterboy Theme (The Third)
  7. Generation Of Love
  8. Feel The Fire
  9. Get It On
  10. Feel The Force (House Version)
  11. Generation Of Love (Fly Away Remix)
  12. Anybody (Moving On) (F. J. Gauder Remix)

Colours (1996) Edit

Masterboy - Colours
  1. Intro
  2. Show Me Colours
  3. Ocean Bizarre
  4. La Ola Hand In Hand
  5. Mister Feeling
  6. I Want To Break Free
  7. Children Of The Night
  8. Dreams Within A Dream
  9. Just For You
  10. Energy
  11. Mister Feeling (Fresh Remix Maxi)
  12. Outro
  13. Baby Let It Be

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Like To Like It
  2. La Quemona
  3. Porque Te Vas?
  4. Porque Te Vas
  5. Set Me Free

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