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Lost In The Oblivion

This song is by Massacre Conspiracy and appears on the album Lost Holocaust (2013).

"I'm floating, yet it feels so real. I am free. I am safe. Then I realize; I'm completely alone."
I was lost and empty inside
I've learned the way to find the light
I was lost in the oblivion
Hope is just another illusion
I hear these voices behind these walls
I need you to come out and listen to me now
"Tainted paper heart; I have ceased to love"
I've wasted all my time, and I've wasted all my life
Is there another way to turn back time?
Another way to turn back time
I guess I trust too easily, fall too quickly and love too much
And at the end I forgive like it doesn't hurt
I tried to run
But nothing seems undone
I rather stand alone
I rather stand alone, for what I believe
We are the reckless, we are the wasted youth
This is who we are, and this is the truth

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