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Nine Ripples

This song is by Mass Perception.

Is it cold again
Why do I even ask again
Time absorbs me and I make just the same mistakes again
Paralyzed I'm falling into passivity
Aware of the dawn and all the opportunities

It's not a dream
This is real

My hands shiver in close presence of the end
Point forgetting all I realized the day I lost a friend
Only shades remain cause all promises are melting
Down in my dependence and I'm standing still

It's not a dream
This is real

It's not a dream
This is real

The lies, the loss you feel when you're alone
The loneliness inside your every wound
You feel you can't go back and now you see
You're lost inside your own polarity

Althought it might belong to someone else
The wilderness in life is so intense
Burning inside every single vein
And now it's time for you to play the game

I'm not afraid

You think you're able to be in charge
But all the solutions rot in the back of your mind
Do You really wonder about the pain
Which fills you nevertheless you fail every single time
You try to make a change?
Your breathe becomes heavy
While you're thinking about the deeds
You should have made
But now the time is gone
And it looks like you have to deal with the fact
That you're doomed to be an observer
In front of the people which believed in you

Grand Final
It's the last time, I saw this face
Last time, I've known the grace
Of a full restart and all new age
Last thoughts on broken days in my case

Please stop and don't ripple it off

Hope that lies in your hands fits perfectly
Hope that lies in your hands fits perfectly

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