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Lights Off

This song is by Mason Proper and appears on the album There Is a Moth in Your Chest (2006).

Light rays never stop spending their days
Bouncing off her in the right ways.
They hit my eyes and the world goes hazy.
Brain says, "Listen up, we gotta move."
Body navigates the whole room.
We're trading smiles and the words are forming, forming

So tell me, how much of you disappears when I turn the lights off?

Not exactly what I meant to say but it'll do
It's a valid question for you
If I strip away the fashion, what do we get?
Eyes closed, how about we have a day
Undistracted by the light rays?
I want to see if I can find you
Minus the style and the hair and the make-up

So tell me, how much disappears when I turn the lights off?


Written by:

Mason Proper

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