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​Western Union Desperate

This song is by Mary Lou Lord and appears on the album Got No Shadow (1998) and on the album Lights Are Changing (1998).

I felt a little uneasy on easy street
Out of place and incomplete
Call it guilt call it what you will

Kissed goodbye the summer skies
Hollywood and malibu tides
Through thick and thin you got a good friend in me

Just give me a beer and give me a bed
Chase the demons out of my head
Play me a song and sing me to sleep
And meet me in the middle of my dreams

Well I've seen the sun rise from the cliffs of point reyes
And I've seen it set on thunder bay
But I always keep my compass set on you
When the night comes in and the stars come out
And the highway lines start to wear me out
It'll be ok 'cause I'm coming back home to you

Distant salutation and silly souvenirs
Can't help your twilight loneliness or brush away your tears
I'll wire you some love today
There's so much more I want to say
I'm western union desperate in a payphone in the rain
And it's so insane... I'm rimbaud and you're verlaine

So hey, California here I come
I've got a backpack and a sunburnt thumb
I hope my compass is tried and true
'Cause when I need a friend it's still you...

Written by:

Mary Lou Lord