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Prisoner Of My Past

This song is by Mary Kate Wiles and appears on the musical soundtrack Spies Are Forever (2016).

At the tender age of four, I was an instrument of war
An assassin for the KGB
They taught me how to kill with efficiency and skill
And took me from my family

By the age of thirteen, I was a killing machine
The deadliest in all the regime
I killed without emotion, evil deeds unspoken
Sometimes I still hear them scream


I thought I could be free and protect my family
I almost had a second chance
So, now you see, I guess I'll always be
A prisoner of my past


Written by:

Clark Baxtresser & Pierce Siebers


  • Mary Kate Wiles as Tatiana Slozhno

Additional voices:

  • Curt Mega as Curt Mega

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