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Grand Central Station

This song is by Mary Chapin Carpenter and appears on the album Between Here And Gone (2004).

Got my work clothes on full of sweat and dirt
All this holy dust upon my face and shirt
Heading uptown now just as the shifts are changing
To Grand Central Station
I Got my lunchbox, got my hard hat in my hand
I ain't no hero mister, just a working man
And all these voices keep on asking me to take them
To Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

I want to stand beneath the clock just one more time
Want to wait upon the platform for the Hudson Line
I guess you're never really all alone
Or too far from the pull of home
And the stars upon that painted dome still shine

I made my way out on to 42nd street
I lit a cigarette and stared down at my feet
Imagined all the ones that ever stood here waiting
At Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

And now Hercules is staring down at me
Next to him is Minerva and Mercury
I nod to them and start my crawl, flyers covering every wall
Faces of the missing all I see

Tomorrow I'll be back there working on the pile
Going in and coming out single file
Before my job is done there's one more trip I'm making
To Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station, Grand Central Station

Credits Edit

  • Drums: Chad Cromwell
  • Bass: Glenn Worf
  • Acoustic Guitar: John Jennings, Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Electric Guitar: Dean Parks
  • Keyboards: Matt Rollings
  • Percussion: Eric Darken
  • Background Vocals: Garrison Starr, Mac MacAnally

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