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Stayin' Cool

This song is by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and appears on the album You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party (1997).

It's so hot if we were corn we would be poppin'.
Feel like a sponge we used for moppin'.
We'll be the Blister Sisters if we don't start chillin'.
If we could bathe in frozen yogurt, that'd be killin',
I'd be willin'.

This heat has turned us crispy,
Splat some butter on, we're toast.
Or fill us full of bread crumbs,
And call us twin-roast.

Chorus 1:
Stayin' cool, give us goosebumps, turn us blue.
Stayin' cool, a frosty blizzard that'll do.
Stayin' cool, big icy shiver down our spine.
Stayin' cool, an ice cube sandwich would be fine.

Let's be the candles on a cake somebody blows on.
Or give an elephant a drink and turn his nose on.
The answer may be an adjustment in our attitude,
But we would rather go way north and change our latitude!

Let's gulp down tons of water
'Til we're big as a full moon.
Then get someone to pop us
Like a giant water balloon.

Chorus 2:
Stayin' cool, might be a hockey puck on ice.
Stayin' cool, a frozen dinner would be nice.
Stayin' cool, just slide a glacier down my back.
Stayin' cool, stick me inside a huge icepack.

It's so hot, hot, hot.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2


It's so hot, hot, hot.

Stayin' cool.

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