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Neighborhood Kitchen Pots And Pans Rhythm Band

This song is by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and appears on the album Brother For Sale 50 ¢ (1992).

There's something special happening at our house today
Our friends are coming over and we're all gonna' play
But we're not playing with bricks or blocks or outside in the sand
We're heading for the kitchen
To play with pots and pans!

We're the neighborhood kitchen pots and pans rhythm band
Making' noise and having lots of fun
So when you feel the beat
Just stomp your feet and clap your hands
With the neighborhood kitchen pots and pans rhythm band

Scott's on the spaghetti pot
Linda's crashing lids
Philip hits the skillet
Tim taps the muffin tins
Gretal plays the kettle
Suzie plays the spoons
And before you know it
They're tapping out a tune

Chorus (2 times)

Salad spinner
Dust buster
How we wish the telephone would ring
(Rrrringgg) YES!
Colanders, tupperware, eggbeaters, supperware
Come on! Lets make that kitchen sing!

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