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Fashion Jr. High

This song is by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

We're set to get to school
'Cause learning is looking fun
I've got a Cashmere class
I'm in Handbags 101

We want to know how to draw and sew
We're going to the perfect place
If they quiz us on Faux Pas
We're sure to get straight A's

We love school we can't wait
Our teacher's cool and the homework's great
Oh we'll never dress down and we'll never be late
To Fashion Junior High
Zip Zip
Snap Snap
Snip Snip
Clap Clap

Next week we'll mix and match
To make a brand-new suit
Don't miss tuxedo class
The models are so cute

I'll make shoes in spring semester
I'll make hats in the fall
You always get a fashion show
Just walking down the hall

Coordinate, accessorize
And learn what goes with your hair and eyes
Oh we gotta go shop for class supplies
In Fashion Junior High


I don't know what I like best
I really love it all
The hippest clothes
The best dressed boys
The field trips to the mall

Oh we love school we can't wait
We study so hard that mom would faint
Oh won't it be sad to graduate
From Fashion Junior High

Yeah, Fashion Junior High
Oh, Fashion Junior High

Zip Zip
Snap Snap
Snip Snip
Clap Clap

Zip Zip
Snap Snap

Fashion Junior High

Zip Zip

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