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Hope Smasher

This song is by Maruta and appears on the album Remain Dystopian (2015).

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With no prospects left, devoid of aspiration
We remain stagnant
Chained down to the bottom of class division, a rigged system
By those who construct the code for their benefit
A fixed order
Spread in fragments at the bottom
Bereft of all hope, no future
Become the engine
The foundation
Bodies into data
Data into profit
To obtain the intangible, forever a futile endeavor
Bereft of all hope
Herein lies our directive: to serve
Unwillingly, and unaware of our masters
Into regression, there is no salvation
Marching forward, a nation in narcosis
Forever Dystopian
Relinquish control to the great machine
Enslaved by you hope smasher
Profit off famine, and off disease
Enslaved by you hope smasher
This is desperation, this is exasperation

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