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Temple Of The Unknown Knowledge

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

Arise! Come forth o spirits of the elements
Your names are being called, greet us as thy brothers
For we speak of vengeance and anger
For we are one with the secrets of our father

Blessed we shall be, the strong ones...
Our paths shalt be cleared by the weak
No entity will thwart the knowledge
That was given to us from the one whom we seek

Thus shall spread the world of Satan...

The horned one shall be glorified
The chalice for the purified
His name will be exalted and praised
Domine sathanas exaudi meam!
Domine sathanas rex infernum!

Let our voices smash the stillness of the air
As we proclaim what is rightfully ours
(His name will be exalted and praised... domine!)
Crush the remnants of their dying fiath
Feeble minds open to our lust and hate
(His name will be exalted and praised... sathanas!)

Rejoice brothers! For the fire age has arrived!
Hail father! Your presence is burning within us!

Pierce their creed with the sting of scorpions
The venom will spread into their veins
Like a plague they must be brought to an end
Christian dogma into the abyss must descend

From this arid wasteland of mildewed minds...
We will ascend
From the depths of the pits
Though shalt hear
The word of Satan!