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Purity Through Enlightenment

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

A mirror of deception that shows what once was me
A sickening reflection is all that I can see
The image I witnessed is now long lost
Just fragments of a memory... trails of a ghost...

I embraced new wisdom defiled!
Shattered the chains that kept me... confined!
Knowledge is power, and that I craved
Consumed was my spirit
Unspeakable presence, exalted by many
Eternal is my spirit!

Let there be light for those who seek the burning flame
Beyond the stars my throne awaits them who believe
I am above all other angels
Praise my name to the sound of drums
My hand with stretch on Earth and water
Gathering my chosen ones!

Immaculate deception!
Be free from all hypocrisy
Cleanse the Earth my children
In a blaze of scorn!

All gather at nightfall!
I will my armies through the dark!
Burn all in your pathway
Watch the flames grow high and brighter!

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