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Manifestum Luna Plenae

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

Necromantic rapture, a curse that lived for years
Occult evolution, we're one with our own fears
Beasts that rise for bloodshed, we tear apart our prey
Awakened forth by moonshine yet hidden we're by day

Atavistic resurgence
Grand Hekate's cult of confict
By hate for God united
Transfigure by our instinct
We are what you fear
Cast from wolves and men
Made to blaspheme and desecrate
Your feeble soul we'll penetrate

Medieval sacraments
Dark rituals in the night
Lycantropic seizures
As the flames turn tall and bright
Brothers we are
From the shadows we glare
Army of immortals
The same curse we share

True warriors we are, by perception aware
We are the elite ones, come touch us who dare!
We manifest evil by the light of the full moon
Our victory is imminent - prepare to meet your doom!

From stone walls of the temples
To far beyond land and sea
Against the sects of Jehovah
Reaching out the killing spree
Desecrated churches
The black smokes defiled the sky
And tortured screams of bloodshed
Made the seas incarnadine

Young Luna was in zenith
And the landscape silent white
Our hordes came forth from darkness
And struck with all their might

A vicious crusade foreseen
The prophecy is now fulfilled...

A red-hued dawn was still arising
From her deep and sombre sleep
When she witnessed a new Gaia
Newborn Lycans from the deep
Multitude of blackened corpses
Feeding the bloodthirsty soil
Wailing cries of deathlike terror
From the victims of Lucian's coil

Necromantic rapture
Our curse will live for years
Occult evolution
Angels drowned in their own tears
Beasts risen for bloodshed
We torn apart our prey
Awakened forth by moonshine
Still hidden we're by day

As morbid wolves we roam
Our fangs still lust for blood
Stating ominous arcana
Of how perished Yahveh's lost
So forever it shall be written
Until darkness consumes us all
How the pagan sons of nature
Overthrew and murdered God...

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